The building

The building belonged for more of four centuries to a branch of the family Gastaldi, owner even of the Gastaldi building ( now Lavagna ), placed on the promontory of Porto Maurizio.

The Gastaldi possessed in the valley a vast extension of grounds cultivated to 'uliveto'. They, consequently, commerce in oil.

Among the members of the family are enumerated canonical, lawyers, teachers and medics. Worthy of note is John Baptist Gastaldi of Domenico, master mariners, one of the thousand of Garibaldi, that went in mission to the Cavour count. He spent all his life to trips by sea and it is not documented from what of them he imported in our valley a variety of particularly esteemed pears, their name is 'pere Gastaldi'.

The last heir, that was owner of the house of Torrazza, was Maria Anna ( 1856-1927 ), daughter of Philip and Mary Virginia Calvo. She married Carlo Manfredi, from which had a child, John Baptist ( 1888-1944 ). He married Francesca Adalgisa Vivaldi and they do not have child.

Now the house belongs to relatives of lady Manfredi.

Luigina Malpezzi

The loggias at night ... by day The fašade
The other fašade The adjacent little square ... still the square

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