The Saint George church

La chiesa di San Giorgio

The church of Saint George rises where a time the ancient country of Torrazza was built, then progressively going toward the tall to defend from the Saracen raids. Still parish, it had great importance in the Middle age and gave its name to one of the 'terzieri' of the community of Porto Maurizio.

On a pillar reads a seventeenth-century writing which affirms that the consecration of the church happened on May 19 of the year 1001, but the actual construction is a typical Romanesque monument of the century XII, to an only aisle.

Perfectly preserved is the apse, in stone and adorn from a pilaster series and from a frame of hanging bows, decorated superiorly from a double indentation. In the semicircle of the apse there are three single lancet windows to splay, of which the side ones are of restoration and that central of aboriginal plant. The inferior part of the bell tower is aboriginal and of similar structure to that of the apse, and has a single lancet window with monolithic arc. The superior part, plastered, is a remaking of the century XVII. The principal entrance was on the northwest side and still today are visible the lines of the medieval fašade, at double slope with eye and now occluded window. The second aisle is a baroque addition, and so the anachronistic dome that alters the left side of the church.

The intern of the church preserves works of local painters of the centuries XVI-XVIII ( Belgrano, Siccardi, Bruno ). Deserving of note is the orchestra, adorn of paintings while the fašade of the organ ( unfortunately not more working ) is of the Genoese G. B. Ciurlo.

On the church square a bust in bronze remembers Mons. Vincenzo Bracco (1835-1889), native of Torrazza, second Latin patriarch of Jerusalem after the restoration of the patriarchy on behalf of Pio IX pope.

On the side of the church square` antipathetic to the church finds the canonical dated 1853.

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The organ built by G. B. Ciurlo

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