The Saint John church

The Saint John Batipst Brotherhood of  Torrazza is the more ancient religious institution of the country, above to the movement of the penitent White men (from the color of the clothes) that crossed the Liguria and the Provenza from XIII the century. The first testimony of the Brotherhood is the precious wooden cross, with the symbol of the Pelican, going back to the first decades of XV the century.

The books of the accounts, conserved in the parochial archives, begin unfortunately only from 1618 under priorato of Giacomo Bracco, the previous part have been destroyed from the raids of the barbaric pirates.

The spiritual vitality of the Brotherhood is testified from the Oratorio of S. John Batipst, constructed in 1648 and embellished in the 1779 from putties of the Carrega.

In the 1700's the statue of the Saint was acquired, work of the Bottega of the Maragliano and recently restored, and the church was enriched from professional furnishings (banner, large cross, etc.).

The life of the Confraternita has still the center in the Saint Week.

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